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    "We were happier with so few stuff around us, even when being soaked and freezing in the tent, than ever at 'home'. "

    When we were kids, we    dreamed    of    roaming    the    world.    Conquering    dragons    in    long    lost    countries,    being submerged   in   other   cultures,   feeling   the   rain   on   your   bare   skin   whilst   the   skies   are   filled   with roaring   thunder,   frolicking   with   the   wolves   in   the   forest,   making   a   campfire   in   the   snow,   sleep under   the   starry   skies.   These   dreams   slowly   drifted   away   when   we   were   forced   to   grow   up   and start   living   in   reality,   but   they   were   never   totally   forgotten.   We   were   led   to   believe   that   such things   weren't   possible   for   us,   only   set   aside   for   the   few   chosen   ones.   So   we   started   a   'life',   we got   jobs,   bought   a   home   and   started   a   business. But   we   never   used   our   talents   and   we satisfied   our   longing   for   the   world   by   exploring   Europe   on   our   motorcycles. 
     When   we   started doing   longer   travels,   we   noticed   a   change   in   our   behavior.   We   were   happier   with   so   few   stuff around   us,   even   when   being   soaked   and   freezing   in   the   tent,   than   ever   at   'home'.   And   we realized   that   returning   'home'   time   after   time   became   harder.   The   road   became   our   home. Home is where we lay our heads to rest. An   idea   is   the   most   resilient   virus   there   is,   it   sticks   in   the   brain   and   keeps   itching.   What   do   we want   to   do   with   our   lives?   Is   the   meaning   of   life   to   be   happy?   We   doubted   and   hesitated   for   so long until we could doubt no more. We'll ride into the open world and see what lies ahead.

    And Allroadmoto?

    Bart has been at Allroadmoto for a suitable way to transport water. Soon came the jerrycans of ROTOPAX. These have already proved their worth. On- & offroad. Simple and extremely strong construction make this the go-to way. Bart has confirmed this jug on the inside of his rack.

    Base Packs XS 6.5

    Bart also needed some extra luggage space. At the front of the motorcycle, there was still enough room left to attach something to the tank. The Enduristan Base Packs XS are well suited for this. These universally applicable waterproof bags can be used almost anywhere. Come standard with all the possible mounting options that you can think of. Would you like to take a look? no problem. Allroadmoto is open by appointment. In our spacious workshop we can go over and consider all possible options.

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