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    TUbliss™ kit (2 velgen, voor + achter) - TUbliss GEN2

    € 239,-
    € 259,- Op voorraad - Levertijd: 1 - 2 WERKdagen
    TUbliss™ kit (2 velgen, voor + achter)
    21" + 18" of 21" + 19"... Toon meer
    2 variaties 21" + 18"
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    • FAST STOCK INFORMATION? - 0032484824230


    TUbliss™ kit voor twee (2) velgen. Voor + achter.

    21" + 18"

    21" + 19"

    Alle toebhoren nodig voor installatie, bijgeleverd.

    INCREDIBLE TRACTION: Instantly increase in traction! TUbliss allows you to safely run much lower tire pressures and dropping the pressure increases the contact patch, instantly increasing traction. The stiffer the tires sidewall the lower pressure you can run – this opens up a whole new level of traction and performance.

    A PLUSHER RIDE: We all know the harshness that comes when we have to run higher tire pressures, well it gets that much PLUSHER as you drop below the average 12psi mark – Running lower tire pressures dramatically lessens deflection (also known as the “Ping Pong” effect) and allows your tires to deal absorb the small stuff before it ever gets to your suspension.

    NO PINCH FLATS: No tube, means no pinch flats – this allows you to safely run lower tire pressures without risk of the dreaded pinch flat.

    QUICKER TIRE REPAIRS: No tubes, so now you can now plug tires in seconds with tubeless tire plugs (no need to remove the wheel).In the event of a large gash or other severe tire damage the full circumference rim lock aspect allows for lower speed run flat capabilities. Mention tire sealant aspect?

    MORE RIM PROTECTION: Get 100psi protection against rim damage & it helps to stabilize the tire closer to the rim allowing the sidewall to help absorb more of the impact before it gets to the rim.

    WEIGHT SAVINGS: The typical weight savings on a rear wheel compared to standard pinch prone tube is about one pound and can be several pounds lighter than HD, or UHD tubes.  And saving weight in the wheels is the most important place to shave weight.   It’s a difference you can feel as it helps improve acceleration, braking & handling. Experts say saving a pound of rotating weight in the wheels is equivalent to saving 6-10 pounds of weight off the bike.

    EASIER TIRE CHANGES: TUbliss utilizes a different installation method and after the initial installation. Future tire changes are much easier because you no longer have fight with the knuckle busting inner tube.

    MORE VALUE: When maintained properly TUbliss can outlast the bike. Obviously this is much cheaper then tubes in the long run. Even in the event you have a slip up and damage a TUbliss, it is completely rebuildable and all parts are available separately for an easy fix.




    21" + 18" KIT


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    5 from 5

    Super snel geleverd. Ik heb de set deze keer gemonteerd met behulp van "Slime Tyre Sealant" Gaat veel vlotter en zit garantie potdicht. Dikke merci!

    Gepost door: Wouter op 20 Augustus 2022
    5 from 5
    Zeer goede prijs en snel verzonden naar Nederland
    Gepost door: Jim op 6 November 2020


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    TUbliss™ kit (2 velgen, voor + achter) - TUbliss GEN2
    € 239,-
    € 259,-
    TUbliss™ kit (2 velgen, voor + achter) - TUbliss GEN2
    21" + 18"
    Op voorraad - Levertijd: 1 - 2 WERKdagen
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