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    NGK DCPR8EIX Iridium sparkplug R1200GS '04-'09 / F800GS+A '08-'17 / F700GS '13-'17 / F650GS '08-'13

    € 21,45
    Iridium Spark plug / ignition candle from NGK.
    The quality of this spark plug influences factors that are important for riding as the lifespan of the engine.... Show more
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    Product description

    This sparkplug is suited for :

    • BMW R 1200 GS <'12, 2004 -2009
    • BMW F 650 GS, 2008 -2013
    • BMW F 800 GS, 2008 -2017
    • BMW F 700 GS, 2013 -2017
    • BMW F 800 GS Adventure, 2012 -2017


    Why Iridium sparkplugs?

    NGK iridium spark plugs currently represent the highest-quality technological solution. They feature an iridium-alloy on the middle electrode welded on in a special process using laser. One of the world’s hardest metals, the precious metal iridium starts melting at a temperature of 2450°C and is therefore very resistant to spark erosion. By using it, the service life is doubled on average in comparison to standard nickel spark plugs.


    NGK Sparkplugs

    The NGK product range has the right product for nearly every engine and every demand!

    • Unique design to guarantee the best possible performance
    • Wide range of different heat ratings for high thermal endurance
    • High-performance spark plugs for the newest engine technologies

    As the main source of power in any petrol engine, a spark plug performs an essential function: It is responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of petrol engines. This combustion process creates power, ultimately setting the vehicle in motion.

    To make sure the combustion process runs smoothly, the spark delivered by the spark plug must ignite just before the piston reaches its highest point and the compression is at its greatest.

    The quality of this ignition influences several factors which are of great importance for both the driving operation and the environment, including

    1. smooth running, performance and efficiency of the engine as
    2. decreasing harmful emissions
    3. longer lifespan of the sparkplug



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    NGK  DCPR8EIX Iridium sparkplug R1200GS '04-'09 / F800GS+A '08-'17 / F700GS '13-'17 / F650GS '08-'13
    € 21,45
    NGK DCPR8EIX Iridium sparkplug R1200GS '04-'09 / F800GS+A '08-'17 / F700GS '13-'17 / F650GS '08-'13
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