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    Glenn Haentjens - Maandag 22 Juli 2018

    Allroadmoto Meets MotoMentals

    MotoMentals, wie, wat, hoe? ...

    When we were kids,we   dreamed   of   roaming   the   world.   Conquering   dragons   in   long   lost   countries,   being submerged  in  other  cultures,  feeling  the  rain  on  your  bare  skin  whilst  the  skies  are  filled  with roaring  thunder,  frolicking  with  the  wolves  in  the  forest,  making  a  campfire  in  the  snow,  sleep under  the  starry  skies.  These  dreams  slowly  drifted  away  when  we  were  forced  to  grow  up  and start  living  in  reality,  but  they  were  never  totally  forgotten.  We  were  led  to  believe  that  such things  weren't  possible  for  us,  only  set  aside  for  the  few  chosen  ones.  So  we  started  a  'life',  we got  jobs,  bought  a  home  and  started  a  business.  But  we  never  used  our  talents  and  we satisfied  our  longing  for  the  world  by  exploring  Europe  on  our  motorcycles.  When  we  started doing  longer  travels,  we  noticed  a  change  in  our  behavior.  We  were  happier  with  so  few  stuff around  us,  even  when  being  soaked  and  freezing  in  the  tent,  than  ever  at  'home'.  And  we realized  that  returning  'home'  time  after  time  became  harder.  The  road  became  our  home. Home is where we lay our heads to rest.An  idea  is  the  most  resilient  virus  there  is,  it  sticks  in  the  brain  and  keeps  itching.  What  do  we want  to  do  with  our  lives?  Is  the  meaning  of  life  to  be  happy?  We  doubted  and  hesitated  for  so long until we could doubt no more.We'll ride into the open world and see what lies ahead.


    The Ride

    Obviously, you can't set out on a world trip without having a clue where you will be going to. We had to make some choices, and about certain choices we still have doubts, so our routes and plans will change a lot during the planning phase. Our first stage of the trip is North-America and actually targeting the west coast. We have so many friends in the USA to meet up with and we see this as a jumpstart of our long journey. The Rocky Mountains are calling!


    En waar past Allroadmoto in het plaatje?

    Momenteel zijn Bart en Jess in volle voorbereiding voor hun "Big Trip". Allroadmoto volgt alles op de voet, en als kleine sponsor zijn we zeer vereerd hier deel van uit te kunnen maken! De komende weken voegt Allroadmoto nog wat spullen aan hun arsenaal toe... Because we love passionate drivers!

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